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Coaching is the process of working
with a client to help him/her actualize goals.
A coach is hired to help a client achieve excellence by utilizing the client's strengths and talents. The coaching process helps the client understand and engage in the actions needed to reach his/her full potential. Coaching is strength-based and works with the assumption that the client is a healthy, functioning person who is looking to increase his/her level of achievement, which will help him/her work towards self-actualization and self-improvement.


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"Since the coaching I've gone on to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt position where I help GE Aviation run leaner. Once I saw the benefit of "lean" personally, I felt confident enough to branch out of my box and learn something new. Taking the position with marketing was out of my comfort zone, however has paid huge dividends in experience. I'm looking forward to the next challenge combining both my past skill-set with current to achieve something truly remarkable. At the end of the day, I want my kids to be proud of the work I do. Katkin coaching helped me get to the core of what my priorities are which continues to build on itself."

--Brent Quebman, GE Aviation

Check out the latest projects Brent has been working on at www.brentquebman.com

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