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If you clicked to get here, this means you want to see if you or your child has Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder.

Here are some things to consider before taking any of these tests:

1. These tests are brief questionnaires. These are not the last word in diagnosing ADHD.

2. There is no "one true test" for ADHD.

3. If you or your scores on behalf of your child are in the ADHD range, you are strongly urged to seek further professional counsel on this matter. Of course, we offer testing, diagnosing, and treatment for ADHD. Find more information on Katkin and Associates ADHD Therapy here. Katkin and Associates also offers specialized ADHD coaching services.

4. ADHD is very treatable situation. I (personally) do not like to call it a dysfunction, mental disorder or any other terminology that would indicate that it's a problem. People with ADHD are very productive members of society and they are often the ones who form and run large corporations or their own small businesses. People with ADHD think differently than people without ADHD. They solve problems in different fashions. This sometimes does not 'fly' in a traditional academic environment or the accounting department at a large company, but with the proper training/coaching, a person's potential can truly be met.

Here are two excellent websites to help you further understand what ADHD is (and is not):

WebMD ADHD Overview

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA.org)


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