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To make an appointment, you'll have to use the old fashioned method- call us (513-831-9408). Our secretary will gladly schedule with a therapist. Just tell her what kind of counseling you are seeking and when you will like to come in. You can get in to see us more quickly during normal business hours (9-5) but we do offer evening and weekend appointments. If you'll using insurance, you may want to read this. To speed things up, print out the INTAKE FORMS and bring them with you to your appointment along with your insurance card.

All information you tell your counselor at our office will be considered confidential. We hold the ethical value of confidentiality very seriously. Only with your written permission would we release any information about you or any of the issues discussed with one of our counselors. There are a few exceptions to this rule, most notably if you lead your counselor to believe that you will cause serious harm to yourself or someone else, then we have a legal obligation to try to prevent you from doing this, which could involve breaking confidentiality. Also, if there is information that a minor is being a abused or a minor relates that they are being abused, this information has to be released in order to protect that minor. Again, that is the law. Also, if you are using insurance, they have a right and expect to know a diagnosis and a treatment plan. In some cases, an insurance company may request entire files for an audit. For more FAQ's about insurance, click here

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